is NOT the end of the world yet

May 13, 2010.


hello blog.

sorry for being away for a while. hurm.

since i am working at where i am now, i can see that i cant update much like before. i miss my old days where by i am free to blog 24/7.


however, i try my best to do so. many things occured lately. sad and happy. ups and downs. what ever it goes, i shall call upon the spirit to move on.

yess.. some of my buddy did not know about this.. it is hard. i believe, one day one time i manage to complete this.

easily give up is not a term in my life. my buddies told me that i am strong. yet, i am fragile.

my luck, i still have family and sweetheart. honored supervisor who support me from the beginning. close friends.. even some of them are frustrated with me.

many thanks to family and sweetheart who hold me tight and always be there for me.

well, is not the end of the world yet. i shall re-submit it next semester. sigh.

because it is pink in color!

p/s: it is really complicated but i take this in positive way. *deep breath.