i need more sugar 2

May 25, 2010.


good evening blog.

i am trying my new webcam. nice..

back to the gossip (hu hu hu) which i slowly forget yet hard to forgive, yesterday i am nearly give up when i see the crazy messiness. hurm.. it's another difficult times working here.

i said this is difficult because the sh*t is created by other party. not mine. sigh. i hard to manage and handle this situation -____-"

the question is how to organize things where by created by other party? they mess up in your place and simply blah? if anything happen peeps out there will put the blame on me! T_T

*taking a deep breath.

next, on yesterday's evening one of my staff carelessly done a mistake. i am looking this as a serious matter because it affected the quality of foods served to students.

i wont reveal the thing but it is enough to make my reputation in such a border line. hu hu.

since the thing is noticed by students and they annoyed with me, i myself with my open hands asked for an apologize to them. that is the best..

i used to admit and ask forgiveness if i am really did it/ on behalf of my staffs. personally, i never thought that i am a loser if i start to ask for the magic words, 'i am sorry'.

the question is who is the loser? hurm..

cam whoring 1st. ha ha.

then, at the moment above matter happen i noticed something. i double check for the confirmation. hurm..

my sugar stocks are running slow. omg! the fact is daily we spend 10kilos. just imagine, how could we survived if there is no back up?

the question is how to get 10 kilos of sugar per day? hurm..

last night one of my staff went to almost 20 shops just to buy sugar. he managed to get 6 kilos only. hu hu.

in fact, half day of today i am looking for sugar too..

the last question is how about at your place? did you find it is hard to get sugar?

p/s: is dying without sugar. sigh.