i need more sugar

May 24, 2010.


hi, blog.

today is like the same days before. full of headaches, heart attacks and a mug full of hates! sigh.

i am pretending to be cool, patience and calm. sigh again.

by the way i am still grateful having a family, sweetheart and buddies around me who will always makes me happy. alhamdulillah.

oh, and maybe any body who is related to my life with/ without i noticed! thanks babes!

talking about today, not so early in the morning when i step to my work place i found that the kitchen is crazy messiness.

with vegetables like onions, lettuces, brassica juncia are unorganized, empty sunquick bottles located on the sink, dirty floor, unknown peeps in the kitchen who are in and out like no rules here ant etc etc!

above kind of situation are enough to rise up my blood levels and nearly reached the end of patience's limit. grrr..

i never blamed those peeps who never know the rules here but i am totally blamed the bloody stupid person who is in charge there.

i means, those helpers who are in and out plus the crazy messiness is created by you-know-who. arghh. i hate him as much as i am working here. he created the sh*t!

enough said.

hurm. *taking a deep breath.

not even the crazy messiness, in fact he used my raw materials and tools too. end up, my staffs facing difficulty to manage their task! see, i really hate this because what ever he did, it will affected mine.. hurm.

fine. sharing is caring. currently his kitchen is still under renovation and he did everything under my place. eh, could you please respect my territory. i am ok if they did those works properly lah..

but when he has make this sh*t, i hard to tolerate. this is not the 1st time. i face this almost every weeks. that is why i am headaches with anything related to him.

seems like my head is nearly cracked now. i shall stop 1st and cont later..

p/s: i dislike you-know-who!



Liza said...

hang in there sis, it will pass very soon....*hugs*