slap me, please!

April 26, 2010.


good morning blog.

omg. i cant help myself. after i wonder about this for a while, feels like wanna slap myself! hu hu hu.

the story began:
last saturday i met my supplier to order goods. after settle everything, i walk to my car and i found my school mate back to 1998. *i hope she didnt read this.

talking about her 12 years ago, she was an athlete. of cause active in sport. fit. since form one until form 5. ^_____^

i have been lost contact with her until i met her via fb last year. i am quite surprised to see her because she looks totally different!

i mean.. well, people change is it? never mind.

back to the story, i met her again last saturday. this time i cant hide my shocking face! hu hu hu. i called her 1st and we shake hands lah.

unfortunately , i started the worst conversation with her.

me: hi, how are you?
her: i am doing fine.
me:are you working here now?
her:yes, i am.


me: hey, you look........healthy!
her: *just laughing.

*i mean, you look fat! triple times bigger than 12 years ago -_____-"
damn. what i have done to her?? #@&%^$#$@!!~%&$

p/s: slap my face! hu hu hu.



adenium said...

it normally happen to un-active athelete :(