day 22

April 26, 2010.


i am counting for him. 22 days ago, he transferred to pahang means 22 days full of bitter, not sweet and sour memories. hu hu hu.

couple of days ago, i send him sms. but, this morning i received a report:

Message not delivered

Abg syg

26-Apr-2010 12:02

*cried again.

it means that he away to jungle again T_T
hurm.. he did mention to me, might be he will going for a week.

p/s: i am waiting for him. eh, actually he just back from a week of training in jungle.

**george of the jungle. any one remember this??



Lyn Yusoff said...

be patient dear...
dun cry k...

btw, i still remembered george of the jungle.. tapi dah lupa dah cerita nya.. hehehe

syazana said...

beb,after this better you go to jungle too...hahaha....sabar ye...