one fine sunday

April 08, 2010.


morning blog. eh, seems like how fast time is flying?

i love to write something about my last fine sunday where by i spend my precious times with the girls. oh, sounds cool. the girls!

cam whoring is our passion. where ever we go, camera is one important gadget to bring along. wink wink.

just forget about jogging and reading, let's enjoy pics taken by sugarpie.

the making of a drama queen

on one fine sunday, there were two girls standing under the tree. they seems like discussing something important and serious matter but.. it might be like ber gossip as well. hurm.. *thinking.

oh, however something goes wrong makes the pink lady turn mad to the polka dot! haihh. what was wrong lah between two of them. omg, they started the engines slowly up to the air!

gosh! not sure what exactly happen to them. the action war started between the pink lady and the polka dot. isk.. any one gonna guess what happen next?

A- the polka dot hit the pink lady!
B- the pink lady run away -_____-"
C- the polka dot kicked by the pink lady o_O
D- the pink lady lost a turn T_T
E- hit you!!

ha ha ha. what do you wish for the end of this story?

p/s: i miss shah alam. my girls. everything.



*ayu the sun* said...

thats super fun!!!!

korang mmg gila.
patut la korang leh kawan ngan akak.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak ayu.

hug you sis.
nice meeting you, knowing you and laughing with you.
wish to meet you again on nuffnang event eh next week!