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April 07, 2010.


morning blog!

i am doing fine (i hope). yet, i miss him like crazy. there been two days he was in new camp. unfortunately, i just received two sms from him.

at least, he do text me rather than he not! hu hu hu.

never mind. even though i am living like this but still i am glad having best buddies around me. thanks eh.

with sugarpie.

with terompahsurau.

last sunday i join sugarpie and terompahsurau jogging near by at the house in shah alam. *coughs. they jog meanwhile i am reading harry potter under the gazebo.

hu hu hu.

after i am not sure how many rounds they jogging, then we cam whoring about an hour before went home.

in fact, this activity makes me happy and avoid any bitter or sad mode. hurm. many thanks buddy because you guys have brighten my days.

wanna see how cheerful am i? check this out:

at playground.

p/s: i heart edit this blog here and there. hu hu hu. therefore, it will be never ending stories ever.



Dayu said...

waahhh..awal pagi dah ada entry abru. bagus.. dedikasi kat blog mmg penting. tak sempat nak berjogging kat tasik buatan ni, sebab bila dia ada..dah nk tinggalkan shah alam dah...

lily lotus said...

happnya dia :) nak tumpang boleh, hehe

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum dayu.

many thanks dear.
shah alam typically change now.
there are new buildings here and there..

assalamualaikum kak lily,

let's having fun here.
do bring along your kids lah kak.
they sure <3 it!