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April 19, 2010.


the snake ladder vs the mountain climbing

perhaps i enjoy both games very much! ha ha ha.

first - the snake ladder
terompahsurau and i decided to play this game. unfortunately min players are 3 players. then we found another 3 blogger near by who like to play this too.

just forget about the drama with another blogger before the game started and let straight to pics:

they given us 15 mins to search for the 1st and 2nd runner up. guess what?? i won the 2nd runner up! ha ha not bad lah.

eh, i forgot to ask for their url. sigh.

in fact, i play this twice ok. 1st round i play with them and 2nd round with my sis and bro. wink.

second - the mountain climbing!
this is the most challenging game ever. as stated on my previous entry, i never thought to participate for this game but terompahsurau ask me to join her.


while she was waiting for her turn, i play around at games corner and try to get as many coupons for redemption. nice~

until my turn..

*nervous ok.

omg! i cant believe this. at last, i reached the top. eh, half way when i look down feels horrible ok. i quickly climb till the top and i love the view from up there.

the horrible feeling totally disappeared and changed to excited mood. ha ha ha. see, i just hold that thing using my left hand only..

well done, syahira. wink.

THEREFORE, i enjoy all games provided and glad to meet new buddies. next, my pics with blogger. check this out~



Aidi-Safuan said...

xde gambar aidi-safuan pon! sedih2. :(

firahadifa said...

owh.. i remember u .. u r followed! :)