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April 20, 2010.


i met a blogger celebrity!

morning blog.

last saturday i met one of the finalist of project alpha season one. not red mummy but audrey.

she's so small, sweet, soft spoken and shy person.

since i am a shy person too, so we did not chat much. just taking pics and say good bye. hu hu.

eh, in fact she might loves pic above because she looks tall. wink. that's camera trick right. ha ha ha.

i hope to meet more blogger and keep in touch with them.

dear aud, nice meeting you and sorry i dont know how to start the conversation -_____-" drop me comments if you visit me here.

p/s: otw back to johore. good bye shah alam.



lily lotus said...

selamat sampai ke destinasi :) auwww..seksi u audrey yang cute tu..hehe

SekociNorlie said...

silap tulis "Cik MEK MOlek" hehehe

SekociNorlie said...

Cik mel molek ni den bagi award. Sila ke blog sy utk dptkn nye..

fourfeetnine said...

hahahaha usually i not shy! but u were so cute <3

thanks for taking a pic with me :)