i think i am workaholic.

April 20, 2010.


good evening blog.

i am still in office. hurm. will packing my stuffs and going home.

blog, do you know that this morning i was in shah alam. around 9am i send terompahsurau to school and then drive back to hometown, johore.

driving back to hometown doesnt mean i am going home but i straight to office T_T hu hu hu. i am working as usual.

yess. who said i did not tired! extremely tired ok -_____-"

no choice. i must go to office. around 1pm i arrived my office, doing some monitoring, meeting my staffs and discussing about work stuffs and serving students.

then, around 4pm went to hq settled things, visited few locations meeting clients and reached my office around 6pm.

pulling out my energy, i continue monitoring, meeting staffs and serving students. bad luck, when warden complaining about some thing goes wrong T_T hu hu hu.

bla bla bla.. until now.

times up! bye.

p/s: i need to go to pump station 1st. see you later.



liyana said...

cayang, be strong k.. u will always cover u back ^^

Liza said...

such a long travel, take good care of yourself, drive carefully