pisses me off !!!

April 1, 2010.


morning. *warning, heavy entry ever!

sigh. recently, working loads makes me sick! i am head aches and sometimes i feels like give up. omg.

i wish everything gonna be easier. but..

things turn difficult when you are talking about management. huhh. esp managing people.

other resources such as materials, technologies and financial yet can be dealing with certain systems. but not with people.

there is no other systems (i believes) that turns people to obey 100% of the rule. agree with what ever you said and follow orders! grrr..

hurm. how to start, eh?

every day i am dealing with cleaners and helpers (my staffs). most of them are working because of money.

never thought on how to be creative thinking (yess, because they are live to be like that) *no offenses, eh. having no responsibility towards their job and simply did their work but not in a proper way.


please, lah. i dislike mark people or label them as something in a bad way. in fact, they shows me their bad habits!

eg. there have been two days, one of my staff skip his tasks! (with his willingness) when other staff told him, then he did it. but then, if no body asked him he dont. how come??

therefore, every time others keep on telling him to do this and that which he supposed do that work because that was his task.

now, from telling turns to shouting because every one sick with him too.

one day i saw he changed from acceptable person to hot tempered. i guess he stressed! omg, i head ache saw him when he did wrong most of the time (with his willingness).

yesterday, few of my staffs complaints that he didnt do his task at all, eh! AT ALL. acting like a boss, watching and walking here and there.

hello.. i am your boss here help out every one did their task. how come you just stand there or walk here and there do nothing! he really pisses me off. nice!

last night, before i went home around 745pm i called him. slow talk.

ask him.. how's going on? how's your work? is there everything ok? well, i asked random questions before i jump to the main point.

he declined to talk. that's why i keep on asking random question to make him start talking to me. again, nice! <- i pretend i am cool even down there i feels like wanna shout at him! ha ha ha.

it takes me about an hour to make him share his probs! omg.. finally.. at least he wanna talk rather than said i am ok. i am fine. fine, wtf??!

head aches, ok. after i heard from him, i am not point my finger at him 100% . some one forced him and influenced him to act stupid just like his bloody stupid friends. damn.

he claimed wanna quit from this job.. i slow talk to him. never voice up. advice him slowly.

he seems accepted. i gave him one more chances.. what ever he takes, that was his final decision.

but if he decide to quit that i believes 100% influenced by his bloody stupid friends. hohh.

poor him if he did the wrong decision. he such a good person but.. why lah he listen to that ______________. <- you know who.

at the 1st few months when he work with us, all my staffs like him. he sincere to do his job, willing to help others without questions and happy go lucky.

however, past two days he really changed! ok i lie. i found he changed couple of weeks ago but everything still under control.

and past few days he turn worst, that is why i called him. he seems over react and every one just in the limit of sick looking at him. hu hu hu.

luckily i manage to control myself before i voice up! phew.. it is hard for me.

hurm.. there are lot of questions inside me. again, i never mark or label people in a bad way.

i found, he seems like dont have clearly direction to go. poor him. easily influenced with bad surroundings (before this he live in estate), working just for money and the worst part is dont have self determination to be a better person.

the conclusion are, open your eyes. life are not easy. work hard for better half. proven to world that you are no what people thinking on you.

dear _______________ <- you know who, i bet you if you didnt change yourself, no one could change you. sigh. if you choose the stupid way, it makes you stupid at the 1st place forever..

p/s: haihhh.. tired!



*ayu the sun* said...

my dear, sabar ye...
its not easy i know..

this is human...
different personality..and most important different MENTALITY!

u take care and keep it cool, ok?