private messages

March 30, 2010.


shh.. this is my personal touch special to my buddies. a few of exclusive pictures in seam reap international airport.

i start my entry with a picture of us!

my best buddy in uitm, linda. she has graduated on the other hand i am extend one sem. miss you, babe. hu hu hu.

nice. while i am updating this entry some one enter my room and asked like never ending work station questions. hurm.

omg.. makes me down. thank you mood swing!

*take a deep breath.

i wish to continue further but i cant. sorry babes. do enjoy my pics exploring outdoor session in seam reap international airport.

during that time, the weather is damn hot! it was at noon. the person in charge explained about the airport construction and operation.

such an exclusive info. wink wink.

p/s: at least i explain a bit rather than wrap up this.. hu hu hu.



~eZmALiZa~ said...

hye sis syahira, anda adalah salah sorg penerima award I 'heart' your blog. sile tuntut ye. :)