mood swing. huhh.

March 30, 2010.


nice. seems like today is an emotional day for me. fine, actually couple of days ago it was up and down! hurm.

but i pretend like nothing happen around until i realized that i easily hot tempered, eat much and sleep a lot. eh?? -______-"

*ignored me.

i google the meaning of mood swing and the result said that it is an extreme or rapid change in mood. yesss. i admit them.

recently many things happen around me/ hit me. unfortunately, it comes when i near to red flag. hu hu hu.

i dont know either to share or not. but i trust my diary and will always share everything here. this is the best place for me. an escapism..

random news:

my boss asked me to be his 2nd wife. i politely rejected him.

his brother interested to get to know me closer. i told him i got bf.

i received a letter offer to sit for spa exam. just try my luck.

my up coming birthday supposed being the best day ever. but.. the spa exam is on the same date. grrr..

sounds complicated is it. sigh. however, i believes there's hidden gems behind the problem matters..

and yesss..

my sweetheart will finish his training at ipoh camp and off for this weekend! insya Allah i will going to meet him.


he was planning to buy some hantarans for us. eh.. i cant believe this. am i type that magical word?? ^______^

p/s: babes, do pray for us, eh..



Sherry said...

wow.. boss asking to be his 2nd wife. first time I know..

yeah just be yourself!

syazana said...

aku pon sama,ada exam SPA 10 april ni...ada berita baik ,mau dikongsi?wink..wink

yuna said...

darl... tuwun cni ke weekend nih.. ^_^ dapat cuti ea... erwk bos kamu tuh giler arh... eeeiiii...