not so wild night life in seam reap

March 28, 2010.


morning babes.

ha ha ha. it takes me almost one week to wrap up my experiences in cambodia. yet, we are not reach the end of the story.

there are few interesting places to go.

for today's entry, i would like to share few pics in angkor night market:

welcome to the island bar angkor night market.

i'm turn wild when i found lots of cambodian silk and hand made. ha ha ha.

any one interested to see me act wild during shopping? hurm.. brave enough?? catch me soon eh. ha ha ha.

*kidding. is not wild like tiger or lion. but it is wild in term of shopaholic! -_____-"

shop till drop here. * wink.

p/s: 1 dollar. 1 dollar. cheap, cheap only. hu hu hu.