best shot in ta prohm

March 26, 2010.



i bet you, ta prohm was the best place so far i visited in cambodia. just because this place located in the middle of jungle, in fact thousand and even more shaddy trees there.

wink wink..

it was cool! hey, i dont know where to start. i hope you enjoys my pics inside this temple.

this is the entrance/ gate of ta prohm. i forgot to shot this pic from the front view! sigh.

eh, at the above link i only managed to shot from the left view of the gate -____-" hu hu hu.

please ignored my excited chubby face! at the back can be seen the huge shady tree.

then, several part of this place were under conservation and restoration. if i am not mistaken, angelina jolie shot her scenes here.

surprised is it! i wonder how many years of this tree?? o_O"

ha ha ha! this one also. the root was on top of the blocks. i believes, hundreds or even more years ago this huge tree was grow inside the blocks.

spot the blocks. how it looks a like? in fact, i love this pic damn much.

peace! hurm. do blame who ever shot this picture. she/he cut the image at top of the temple. hu hu hu.

even at the night before i did not get enough sleep, when ever camera time i must express my excited mode. ha ha ha

again. another giant tree laid at the top of the temple. miracle, oh! at least, the top still can support the load T_T

since this temple was huge, here i managed to shot one of the last path before we exit at another gate.

finish! smile.

the tour inside the temple take around two hours. or might be more. after bla bla, the sun set.

p/s: next stop is a night market. i skip the story to jade shop because the price is like wtf??! cant afford. hu hu hu.



lily lotus said...

hebatlah explanation u. sungguh clear..hehee