Le Tour De Pangkor - 2nd day

March 04, 2010.


good morning buddies. how are you doing today? i am fine.

without further due here you are another pictures in pangkor island:

morning session

testing 1,2,3.. testing 1,2,3.. *cough-cough. this is a brand new eos canon 1000d which is my dreams..

i love the beach. sandy.. sunny.. sexy.. i wish i could turn the time to this moment again~

is going to take a walk with crocs. i am in pantai pasir bogak. a perfect place to relax. less crowd and recommended to stay..

my sweetheart and i. he was trying to ensure i am not too short! isk -____-" nge..

shop till drop

after snorkeling we went shopping for seafood. yayy!! i heart shopping.

in front of the hotel with a small bag ^____^ yess. i am with a small bag only!

in the lobby, sweetheart and i with ehem-ehem.. shopping bags! hu hu hu.

evening session

less than 5 minutes of walking from hotel to the beach. the mission is dating..

see.. see. he excited to watch sunset! this is the best evening ever i spend my precious time with him.

i end up my 2nd day story with my picture during sunset in pangkor island with him.

p/s: he has brighten my day. thanks a bunch!