braces for free*

March 16, 2010.


good morning buddies.

nice! this is my 2nd off days. guess what?? i miss my work station. i miss my brothers and sisters -______-"

i have tried to continue my sleep and again it did not work! hu hu hu. then, i grab harry potter and the order of the phoenix. currently i am into this book ^______^

i wish i could finish this book by end of march because two more harry potter episodes shall be finish.. wink wink.

eh eh. let me share you something about braces. anybody want some info?? few of my buddies interested and asked me about "braces for free*" therefore, here you are some info about it:

i am wearing braces/ retainers and yesss.. it is FREE. no hidden charges. i did not pay any dollar and cents at all ^_____^

my dentist is a 4th year trainee dentist from faculty of dentistry uitm shah alam. i am his patient as well as his experimental product. wink wink.

what i know about them, every semester they are looking for several cases for study purposes. each cases will give them extra points in order to grade soon.

i met him last year and asked about braces. he set an appointment with me and specialist. read here for further details on my 1st appointment with them.

however, my case is minimal which means my teeth alignment was not chronic. you can see clearly how my teeth is look alike..

there is one teeth at the left one which is not in the correct position. the main purpose of wearing braces is to realign that part..

ok. to those who interested i would like to highlight here that the dentist is the trainee dentist. personally i am happy with his service.

then, you shall make an appointment 1st with him before walk in to the faculty of dentistry uitm shah alam.

the most important thing.. braces for free or being charges are depends on your cases. i am afraid if your case considered as serious, the dentist trainee cant do it for you. if the specialist in charge, yesss you have to pay some amount which i guess much lower than out side..

last but not least, if the trainee dentist fully conducted your case it is FREE.. <- refer to my case lah. wink wink.

p/s: any inquiries, fill free to drop your comments here..



wawa said...

waaaaa....bestny free..kat tempat wawa keja ni pun free last year gi wat check up & xray sampai skang ni tak panggil2....sbb tu wawa gi wat sendiri kat private...bestny xkuar =) said...

Hi babe,

Bestnya u dpt pakai braces for free..
Dulu masa skolah i pakai braces jgk but dah bukak after few years gigi dah start x allign sbb my wisdom tooth dah start tumbuh.. and dah x ckp space.. ciss~

i rasa mcm nak pakai balik..
boleh ke i dpt free mcm u jgk?