appointment with dentist (1)


good morning.

yesterday i have my 1st appointment with a dentist due for braces ^__^ i arrived at uitm dentistry faculty around half past 1 pm. supposed my appointment was at 2 pm.. i nervous and decided to stand by early.. -__-"

at the lobby, i sit and read novel until 2 pm o__O it's a harry porter episode 1. around 2 pm dr shah came and assist me for 1st time registration..

roughly, one senior doctor scan my teeth and ask general questions about my health. then she give short brief to dr shah.. after that dr shah bring me to his work station..

well.. the journey begin with:

- filling my information in the dentistry form (for the 1st time patient who done by doctor)
- he scanning my teeth. check here and there.. assist by one senior doctor.
- going for x-ray
- later come another doctor looking for my teeth -__-" they discussed about my case.
- i dont know what is the correct name. but it was making a frame for my teeth! seriously, it's hurt T.T" esp when dr shah tried to match which frame is the best for me. i need to open my mouth as big as i can and let him insert the frame inside. omg. kind of torturing for beauty healthy.
-before the 1st session end, dr shah shared with me general info regarding on teeth care awareness.
- done.

action speaks louder, let's take a look random pictures on my 1st appointment:

p/s: my 2nd appointment will be insya allah next week ^__^