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hello babes. have a great weekend! last saturday i went to parkson batu pahat and bought new baju raya. ha ha ha. well, sounds 1 malaysia is it?

sales are like crazy! price goes down until 70% less. hu hu hu. from gents to ladies departments. everything got sales! by the way i still can control my shopaholic hormones..


and here you are my baju raya .. purple mode. hu hu.

i cant deny that this one is pretty good for me. T_T i dislike purple.. i heart pink most of the time. but this time, i just ignored the rule!!

this buttons catch my eyes..

p/s: i shall looking for more pink colors after this.



syazana said...

Beb...aku skrg ni sgt obses ngan purple...

wawa said...

hye cik syahira....

cuteny baju ni....suka suka suka =D