everyone need a reason to get up in the morning.

February 22, 2010.


good morning babes..

howdy? i am doing fine. i hope so. hu hu hu.

hurm. this morning i would like to share this fact to you..

everyone need a reason to get up in the morning.

esp.. monday morning is it? since my 1st day is on sunday, so i never felt monday blues. wink wink.

personally, i am an evening person. never been a successful morning person even i've tried. i guess i am not trying harder enough.

but now.. it slowly change due to surrounding environment such as responsibility and working conditions.

let me explain:

- every morning i MUST wake up on 5.45am (by hook or by crook) which is not my routine before. when i am moving to my parents home, i responsible to help them treats my grandma too.

usually my mom is taking grandma for shower and preparing breakfast with my dad. then, my turn is feeding grandma for breakfast..

- my working hours are 8am (supposed) but always come around 8.15am hu hu.. until 8pm (but i extended around 830pm)..

since i shall monitoring my staff esp on the morning session to ensure the operational activities can be done effectively and efficiency therefore i need to come early in office.

- in front my house is a secondary school. have you imagine how bad the traffic was?? everyday, ok. besides, my journey everyday to my office must pass through factories areas. yet, can you imagine the bad traffic there?

sigh. around 7am - 8am is the worst traffic ever in front of my house. cars, vans, cabs, buses, lorries and bikes rushing every day! that is why i am a bit late.. hu hu hu.

- finally, reason to get up in the morning is to change.

i believes when we start early every morning, there huge of opportunities waiting to grab! if any mistakes done, still have time to improve.

but, if you are late of something, i afraid probably to lose everything is higher.

p/s: what is your reason to wake up this morning? afraid of your boss? worried if your punch card turn red? or try to escape from bad traffic? which one, eh..



syazana said...

afraid of my lecturer babling...hahaha~..my questionaire not finished already.

Ayda Munir said...

I love morning smells:)