pretending for what??


good morning babes.

why times fly so fast?? i wish i could pause them. enjoy each moments and hope it stay forever but sounds unfair to those who are wishing for other moments.

over almost 25 years i am breathing in this world, i pretended to did not regret for my past life. but i couldn't. sigh..

stop pretending..

so far i hardly forget when i am a student in kindy (yes, i still remember that), being a sport girl when i was in primary school as well as famous just because my dad is a teacher in my school, living in hostel since form 1, continue in matriculation and struggling there..

such sweet memories..

the rest, i am big enough (but i am wrong) and always done silly mistakes which i seriously hard to forgive myself! sigh.

better late than never.. starts a new life, new day and new plan to drive this long journey.. eh. what i am talking about eh?

what ever it is, this is the end of your's truly syahira before she turns 19.

i stand at your extremely right, in pink ^___^

p/s: i started addicted with pink when i was 16~17.



syazana said...

Beb....i miss yesterday....