pending requests T_T


good morning babes. how do you do? i believes everyone are counting days for chinese new year - public holidays..

ha ha ha. 2 days to go is it. be patient. make sure you finish everything before celebrating long public holidays. eg works, assignments, homework and etc etc.

me too excited! winks..

by the way before we are going to have a good rest next week, today i would like to share something.. sort of question actually but i am willing to share my opinions too.

the thing is my new boss requested me to be in his fb list but i am not approve him yet. there's been arguments between my buddies and i either to accept him or not. so babes.. what is your opinions eh?

personally i feels unsecured lah. frankly speaking i doesnt share every single thing in public.

therefore i never approve anyone who i didnt know well unless he/she are in my buddies list. otherwise i never take risk to let them be in my list.

p/s: to play safe until now he's still in the pending list. hu hu hu.



jujahxo. said...

yesss i sdg mengitung hari. tp bkn sbb raya cina lah. heheee ;D