still on the track


good morning ladies and gentlemen.

welcome to my simple pink blog and have a great time here.
alhamdulillah.. i manage to update as usual after ages i turn my silent mode.
hu hu hu.

last week is my 1st week working in my hometown. well, surprised is it? practically it was a great opportunity for me to learn new things about life, career and experiences.

alhamdulillah.. so far everything is fine. i challenge myself doing a different from what i used to be before which is construction industry and now is catering!

personally, what i need now of cause money and experiences but switching areas are not a barrier for me to move on. i did this because i really want to learn about how business is all about.

hurm.. sometimes it's difficult to explain. as long as i am happy and my parents happy to see me everyday that's enough for me.

that's all for now. see you later.

p/s: i am searching hp and camera cables! thousand of pics to upload.



jujahxo. said...

sOnokla u.. dpt duk dkat dkat ngn parents.. jelesh Oke! :(