full of happiness

February 19, 2010.


good morning babes..

thank god. i am off this whole week since last saturday. ha ha ha.

well, i believes this is my last entry about the girl school reunion 2010.

the next destination is ..

although this is my 1st time enter this place, i am quite impressed and excited! i stand by a pair of socks from my house and join others registered here.

i am not so sure when is my last time playing bowling. as hard as i could remember, i never play this with my sweetheart! which means what?? almost 3 years i guess i didnt play bowling. hu hu hu.

it is ok, it is all right. never give up, fight! fight! fight! hurm.. several of my buddies are missing. maybe they are looking for balls number 9.


then before we adjourn our meeting/ dating i grabbed chances to have a shot with my buddies. since i am using sony ericsson hp, i didnt shot much! battery is low and the memory spaces is limited. sigh.

1st: cik han, syahira and zuraidah.

we are knowing each others since form 1. cik han and i were best buddies when were form 5! together with ayure bizzo and yatt (absent).

2nd: noni, syahira and qilah.

i met qilah when we were form 3 and noni when we were form 4. qilah is pink lady at the 1st time i met her and i hate pink stuffs! ha ha ha. old days story. then, noni is a hot mama. her son was 3 years old if i am not mistaken.

3rd: syahira, siah and qilah (again).

i met siah when we were form 1. same like others.. then we become best buddies when we were form 3. together with yatt (i've mention earlier) and fiza om (absent). after spm, i met siah again in matriculation college. what a small world is it??

4th: noni, fida and syahira.

well.. fida is my best friends forever! we were studying in the same primary and secondary schools. her family is like my family and mine is like her's.

one day, i dont know why we had conflicts. hurm.. because of 3rd person. sigh. about few years we never speaks.. if i am not mistaken from end of pmr (2000) until i finished my degree (end of 2007).

after that i tried to contact her, so do her. finally we becomes together again! alhamdulillah.

5th: syahira and amy (i love to call her emek).

we were in the same class since form 4 until form 5! she's a happy go lucky, talkative (ha ha ha) and easy going. thing that i never forget about her is she knows how to play guitar.

6th: ejeq and syahira.

i met her since we were form 1. actually most of my buddies when i met them since form 1 which means that we were staying in hostel. unlucky ejeq, she thought the girl school reunion will be held on 27th feb. so she didnt attend last time.

hu hu hu.

i met her after we finished! sorry darling. next time k.

eh. eh.. the best part about her is she is wearing braces too. oranges color k!


last monday is the day which full of happiness and every one went home with a pleasure..

to those i am not upload your pictures, i am apologized. all pictures above are from my small space of memory stick. hu hu hu.

see you around next time, darlings.

p/s: dont forget to meet up 5 years from now!



Ayda Munir said...

Made me think of my old friends out there laa..huhu

Lyn Yusoff said...

bestnyer dpt jumpa kawan2 lama cam gini. Kak Lyn tak sempat2 lagi nak buat. Masing2 bz gamaknya..

anyway, nice template..
suka tgk pic baby tuh..:D

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum ayda munir,

me too. i miss all my buddies out there.

assalamualaikum kak lyn,

thanks a bunch sister.
actually, this is a very last minutes planning.
therefore lot of them cant be able to join us -____-"