how to play the spirit channeling game?


yesterday i stay back at office and suddenly one of my staff enter my room and mention that he smells something out side my room. gosh! it is a kemenyan.

i dont have any idea at 1st but ..

without further due, i packed my stuffs and went home. alhamdulillah.. nothing happen to me along my way. even.. god knows everything better lah how my heart beat fast! hu hu hu..

this morning i went to office as usual and busy bee with load work until..

at the evening i have a chit chat with my staff and she did inform me something goes wrong last night after i went home.

jeng.. jeng.

sigh. a hysteria because one of them were playing the spirit channeling game! i am not sure is there any relations between the smell and the tragic scene..

hu hu hu. i believes if i didnt disturb them, there're probably wont disturb me too.

p/s: ehem.. ehem. never try this at home.. i found the answer here.



lily lotus said...

aduhai..yang diorang gi memain benda tu nape..huhu..sendiri cari nahas