few hours left ^____^


hello babes.

my contest's due date is around the corner.. i shall call upon my lovely buddies out there to join others and probably stand chances winning any souvenirs from me.

i am glad that newbies around the glob do participated and promoted my diary big day next week! many thanks babes..

so far i am still waiting for a very last minutes participants.. hurry babes! ^____^ only few hours left.. o__O hihihi..

well, i would like to share my tips on judging my fellow contestant is via how creative their answers on why they should win this.. several of reasons that i read just catch me and sound interesting!

a part of that this souvenirs are worth to share on my diary big day therefore only several numbers deserved to get with their creative reasons ^_____^


eh.. eh. besides.. i am counting hours for my bff, noa. she will delivering her baby soon. she's admitted in ward ord by this afternoon (if i am not mistaken).

i just gave her a phone call chit chatting for about an hour.. she sounds good! she got a strong will. wishing her very all the best and praying hard for mama and baby.

hugs you darling..

p/s: 13 feb just few hours left!