typhoid immunization injections

February 19, 2010.


hello babes. what's up?

hi.. today i would like to share one important thing that i believes some of you did not know about this. even, this is my 1st time too.

this is about the typhoid immunization special to food operator. 1stly, what is typhoid? it is types of fever transmitted through contaminated food and water.

for those handling food business and activities must given 0.5ml typhoid injections.

mainly because:

(1) to ensure food supplied in good conditions especially the quality.

(2) to avoid food contaminated by bacteria or virus.

(3) to strengthen body immunization against fever.

since i am in catering services and ent, last wednesday i went to public clinic to have typhoid immunization infections which valid for 3 years.

eh.. eh. i am lost few kilos and inches but my chubby cheeks are still maintain.

here you are, mine is number 35. patiently waiting for my turn.

stand still waiting until they called my name. then, no need refer to the number any more. hurm.. at the evening session, i guess more than 20 patients looking for this injection including me.

i am happy after the injection! now i am legally works in this new industry. wink wink..

p/s: have you ever realized how many of auntie and uncles doing food business illegally without typhoid immunization injections??
psst.. this is cause me rm20/- for 3 years.



adenium said...

senang nya nak kurus.... jelesssssss :P

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak sid.

i am suffered.