complicated feelings


hello there.

last weekend such a never ending stories for me. happiness ?? i dont think so. excited?? definitely yes. never stop counting days and even hours to go. stress ?? of cause.. tense is every where. sigh. confused ?? hurm. i think so. cant makes any decision. stay 50-50. hu hu hu.

is not easy to handle those kind of feelings. and guess what?? my mom understand me. she knows that i am stressful. she advice me to pray hard! many thanks to my mom. no matter what, she is always there for me. supporting me and never let me down.

my little advice, do appreciate our parents and family as well as best buddies. insya Allah, there will stand still for you. i am grateful for the gift.

i believes in qada' and qadar. one day one time, it turn my life better..

p/s: let go.. let go.. i dont like this feelings.