q&a session (1)


good morning babes. how are you doing?? alhamdulillah. i am doing fine.

couple of days or maybe weeks ago several of my buddies drop some comments regarding on braces issues and my hit for last 2 weeks tremendously increased just because of "braces" magical key word. ha ha ha.

thank you very much!

and here you are.. i've tried to answer them. 1stly, thousand of grateful wishes for your questions. as a token of appreciation when ever you come to down south do buzz me and i'll definitely treat you. wink.. wink.

(1) puan jujah,

ada Org ckp saket gils bila pkai ni. nk makan pOn ssh. betOl ke sheera ??
hallu ummi to be. thanks darlin' for your concern. talking about how much it hurts you it depends on you lah. at the very 1st time, yesss. it cause you lil bit <-refer to my case. hu hu hu. then after a week it reduced. well, just a minimal of sense..

difficulty.. yes i am totally agree. this is because we're not comfortable yet with that kind of things T_T until now, i am still having problems eating while using braces! i need to remove it 1st and eat foods. therefore, i eat less and drink more. plus used colgate plax. it works.

i am not sure it's good or not. just pretend it is ok. sigh.

(2) daway,

wahh...at last...kite jadik geng..hahah.....
4 ur nfo...the 2nd day after wearing braces.....aku da melantak nasik minyak ngn daging....huhuh.....
what color??

omg, daway??! crazy lah. i am going to die. ha ha ha. well, i have nasi paru goreng after 2 hours wearing braces! but.. i take almost few hours to finish it. it was my 1st and last having meals with braces so far -___-" never said about the difficulty, hurts and bla bla bla. makes me sick. sigh.

color?? eh, since i used the removable braces or some called as retainer mine was a simple and plain wire cross my teeth. colorless..

(3) kak lyn,
take care dear..
sure still sakit & tak boleh mkn mknn yg keras..
btw, may i know the cost??

hi kak lyn.. thanks for your wishes.

until now, almost 2 weeks after wearing braces i like to said that i wish all those things will recover soon. i really hope. sometimes i count how many hours i should wear this?? hu hu hu.

ouh. about the price.. it's free of charge! <- refer to my conditions lah.

here are general info about my case:
- my tooth alignment is not critical to fix permenant braces. perhaps.. not necessary to do so. just a very simple design of removable braces/ retainers.

- this is very important.. my dentist, dr shah is a trainer dentist not a specialist. he's a uitm student. frankly speaking i am his experimental patient. ha ha ha

* sure some of you feels anxious after this! no need lah.

if you're looking for free simply drop your comments here.. ding dong!

p/s: luckily he's experience enough. that's why i trust him. wink.wink..
one more, excuse my grammatical errors. sorry! this is another very quick updates T_T