baby diary birthday cakes

February, 18 2010.


good morning buddies. hello how do you do?

alhamdulillah my baby diary turn 1 year old yesterday. i have never thought that i could manages this blog and makes new friends from blogging.

such a great experiences for me..

by the way, this morning i would love to share a what i called as my baby birthday cakes..

here are kek lapis sarawaks home made by my mom ^____^

ha ha ha. sounds over excited eh celebrated baby blog turn one year with this cakes?? actually last tuesday my mom went for cooking class - kek lapis sarawak.

picture above shows her very 1st time baking kek lapis sarawak. omg! i am addicted with this before and thank god she knows how to bake them now..

therefore, the latest project so far is having fun with my mom in kitchen with kek lapis sarawaks..

stay tune.

p/s: eh. i will going for cuti-cuti malaysia next week.



anin said...

wauu sgt sedap..

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum anin.

thanks dear.
seriously, it's delicious ^___^

adenium said...

dapat cake gak..???hehehe... hey sis..nice layout.... i like...:D

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak sid,

thanks a bunch sister.
hugs u.