what we called an experience.


hello babes. how are you doing? i am doing so-so. actually more tense and nervous. cant deny it!

ok let it be. stay focus on this entry..

talking about experiences there many types of situations in my life brings me various of experiences. such as met stranger last night (will sharing this later), being a part time student, unemployed and photo shooting!

over several situation that i have go through, there's one thing that i love most..

a photo shoot!

i respect photographers who managed to shoot pics, edit and produce a great artwork. not other than that, communication between parties as well as creativity helps the team to maximize the quality of the job!

well done, babes.

my 1st time experience having pre-graduation photo shoot last *i forgot when. is awesome. thanks buddy.

located at fspu, uitm shah alam. a good try for me. i've never done this before, lying on the grass and peeps looking at me -___-" that's why, this is what we called as an experience.

i end up my evening entry with .. a question. what is your best experience so far in 2010?

p/s: mine is going for beading class ^___^