less than 2 hours to go


hi, babes.

today is the day. i have an appointment with my dentist, dr shah by 330 pm. according to our last appointment he mention that today he will fix removable braces on me at the upper part. if still have time, he will fix the bottom part too.

the question is. how far i am ready to go through all this?

then i will saying that .. this is what i wanted when i was 12 years old but i am not brave enough. hurm.. i take almost 12 years to mentally and physically prepared on fixing braces -___-" hu hu hu.

at the 1st place why so sudden i decide to realign my teeth was because i met dr shah and he told me by being his patient that will cost me free for those kind of treatments. free ok!

since my big day will be held on 2010 * cannot be mention when lah. so i agree to fix braces and ensure on my big day i can put a bright smile on me w/out look weird because of my teeth alignment! gulp.

i agree that's bit of conflict at the early stage but with professionalism i put it behind and never turn back. yesss. i manage to do it, well.

now.. butterflies, frog, chicken, dragon or what so ever flies jumping walking and running inside my stomach.

i try to not to think about it. take a deep breath. denied that it is hurtful. blog walking and face booking.. i wish i could lah.

the funniest thing that i've done couple of weeks ago while waiting for this are i ate as much as i can. i ate what ever i want and i do enjoy my life before fixing braces.

i believes that everything will change right after this.


p/s: off for shower before i am going to meet my dentist, dr shah.



Lyn Yusoff said...

good luck dear..
dont panic yer..

lily lotus said...

cepat2 update pic yer. hehe

FaTiN said...

camne ye rasanya pakai braces?
kena buang tak gigi kat paling hujung?

jujahxo. said...

tak saba nk tgk imej baru u :)

*ayu the sun* said...

how was it?

ATS SHOPPE - Macam-macam ada!!!