still appointment with dentist (4)


1st i am apologized for the poor quality of certain pics. i am using hp camera ma..

let's continue on yesterday's appointment with my dentist, dr shah..

he fix braces on my upper teeth and surprised it's not hurtful at all! omg.. i just wonder why some said it hurts bit here and there but it doesnt happen to me, eh?

fine. then he remove it. still i am ok. a specialist (i guess) come in and she tried to fix it to me. this time is a bit hurt because she pushed harder! hu hu hu. my dentist, dr shah did it slowly and nicely. therefore it might reduce the pain lah supposedly.

never mind.

the final touch, he fix it and teach me on how to handle this braces after this. i hands on try to fix it by myself and alhamdulillah everything be fine.

procedures are as easy as abc.

pic above shows my braces is located at the mold. definitely my mold..

well done, dr shah so far you and your buddy did a good job!

p/s: uh.. i am hungry now. but i cant eat hard foods T_T



adawiyah said... last...kite jadik geng..hahah.....
4 ur nfo...the 2nd day after wearing braces.....aku da melantak nasik minyak ngn daging....huhuh.....
what color??

Lyn Yusoff said...

tak care dear..
sure still sakit & tak boleh mkn mknn yg keras..
btw, may i know the cost??