24 hours after braces


good evening babes.

i am glad to share my experiences using braces in order to realign my teeth for healthy and beauty.

so.. after 24 hours i am using braces i realized several changes:

(1) at the 1st time i cant pronounce words correctly. wires inside is disturbing me and my tongue felt uneasy.
(2) slowly, i adapted this situation and alhamdulillah i didnt have any probs at all. even my lil sister complain that i still talkative like usual. ha ha ha.
(3) my tongue like to touch wires inside. end up i accidentally hurt myself! bloody tongue T_T
(4) i am practicing to remove and fix braces, and that is the point where by i start feels hurt so much! until now it still hurt me. my dentist said it will be and do not to worry.
(5) i told you before my 1st menu after fixing braces is nasi putih paru. omg, i face difficulty eating rice at the 1st time. after few times, i manage to handle the situation. but i believe, still hard for me to have solid foods.
(6) foods started trapped inside and i hate this! therefore i do prefer porridge maybe after this. hurm.
(7) since braces hurt me esp when i am trying to remove it, so i decided that i only remove it for brushing teeth only.
(8) lesser i ate solid foods, lesser opportunity to remove braces for brush my teeth! how could i think like that?? ha ha ha.
(9) i am started craving for burgers, kentucky fried chicken, rice and bla bla. sob.
(10) my sweetheart called me robocop -___-"

hurm. that's all for now. see you more updates on one week after braces, one month after braces and etc etc.

p/s: sometimes i forgot that i have braces. hu hu hu.



FaTiN said...

scary dgr perkataan ni-bloody tongue.nway hope u can adapt with the new braces=p

~eZmALiZa~ said...

hehe..same sgt retainer yg sis pkai..hehe.. :D cume kaler bhgn dalam tu ezma punye kaler merah pekat. hehe..ezma suggest sis rajin2 pkai colgate plax or listerin.it will make u more comfort n feel more clean in ur mouth..hehe.. :) try la..sonok sgt dpt tgk org yg same dgn kiter..

Dj Epoi said...

Nak Cantik & Cute
kena ar tahan sikit Dik hehhehehe...

Yang paling penting still kontrol AYU huhuuuuuuuuu...


jujahxo. said...

ada Org ckp saket gils bila pkai ni. nk makan pOn ssh. betOl ke sheera ??

adenium said...

shira buzz akak kalau shira online YM yek...