appointment with dentist (4)


hello babes.

today is all about me with braces. check this out k.

my 4rd appointment held on 19 jan 2010 supposed at 230 pm. but yesterday's morning my dentist text me and inform that the appointment is delayed until 330 pm..

at least i have few hours extra before the treatment. ha ha ha.

so i blog walking and face booking as usual even like i said before butterflies, frog, chicken and dragon like flying jumping walking even running inside my stomach!

around 3 pm i started my engine and went to dentistry faculty, uitm shah alam. i am waiting for my turn and bla bla bla..

finally around 4 ++ pm my dentist called me. during that time i still update my status via face book celcom sms. hi hi hi! ^____^ and here i am with crocs at his work station.

god knows better lah. mix up feelings etc etc. hu hu hu. i look around and make myself feel comfort. better.. snap pics here and there.. and this is me few mintes before dr shah fixing braces to me. fake smile!

hu hu hu. see you in the next entry.. how does me look like after wearing braces.

p/s: sometime hurt, sometime not.



anin said...

berapa ribu braces tu yekk intent nak wt gak

adenium said...

hish..yang tak bleh tahan.. gambar crocs baru tak tinggal..hehehe