show off my handbag hanger


hello babes. how are you doing? i am doing fine. currently busy with blog marathon.

i disappointed with my broadband connection. why so sudden i cant online. hu hu. i paid the outstanding already and it is really takes couple of days to ensure everything gonna be ok? hurm.

back to the topic -__-"

last month story stand still.. ha ha. better update than never. actually every time i am going out side and having break at food court i definitely take this picture...

but then i forgot to upload. hi! i am a handbag hanger.. another pink collections of mine.

i bought this from kak sid. for further details, do visit her blog. thank you.

over all, i heart this one very much. it is helpful! and surprised that when i am dating with my sweetheart he will automatically hang my handbag using this hanger. good..

p/s: so far i have introducing him with so many girl stuffs. ha ha ha.



adenium said...

thanks shira... :D