appointment with dentist (2)


hello babes.

omg.. this is a very long waiting list entry about my 2nd appointment with dentist regarding on braces. hu hu hu.

sorry for interrupted.

* actually today i have my 3rd appointment at 1030 am with dentist and specialist. why specialist?? ok, currently i dont have any idea how to explain but let me meet them 1st.

talking about my 2nd appointment (23 dec 2009), alhamdulillah everything going well. this time dr shah and i didnt take much time. he just doing usual checking here and there and show me the result for my 1st appointment. presentation with his lecturer. making another frame for my teeth -__-"

well this is exactly how mine looks alike. sigh. crack and slidely move at the wrong direction. hu hu hu.

therefore i must fix everything before my big days coming ahead. what ever i can fix, i will working hard to make it better otherwise just let it be what ever there wanted to be.

p/s: dr shah told me during my 4rd meeting the braces will fix to my teeth T_T"