good morning shah alam


definitely, i'll missing so many things here..

shah alam is a place where i live for two years. i came here last 2008 registered as a master student in uitm shah alam rented some where at sec 7. i worked in one of construction company located in klang valley at the same time.

being a part time student, full time worker and broken heart couple of years ago makes me feels that nothing could change myself otherwise i myself set the target to success.

i believes that i worked hard, study smart and finally i found my sweetheart. definitely my journey brings me so many beautiful and sweet memories to remember.

during financial crisis, i am grateful that i still can survived until last year i decided to quit from my job in order to concentrate to my final semester.

my hectic daily life totally changed and i become a full time student and blogger. actually i disappointed and regret of something which makes me extend another semester to complete my one and only dissertation.

this is cost me rm 1165.00 and i am sorry because i wasted times and money. in fact, on the other side i started to think that is better i extend rather than i simply finish my dissertation, at the end the out come is suck!

i called my strength deep inside or where ever they goes.. please come back to me and helps me out of here. i must work very hard! i must complete my dissertation!

pass is pass.

for the bright future ahead, i must changed! set new target and aim for it. no matter what i must finish it.

p/s: i am having kinder bueno.



adenium said...

let bygone... have o good day ahead.. :D

Lyn Yusoff said...

good luck dear :)