daddy.. daddy cool.. daddy.. daddy cool..


hello babes!

let start your day with a bright smile. when i look at this picture it make sense that this cendol is delicious but take at your own risk. high cholesterol! hu hu hu.

dont take this as your daily drink lah. might be once a month can be considered. otherwise, do get ready for your cholesterol meter slightly will increased. omg.. danger!

this 3 layers cendol recommended by sweetheart and located under the shady tree at sungai besi. dont ask me about the price but this is very delicious..

i miss you cendol. and i miss having cendol with him too..

hurm. i wish i could turn it back.

p/s: dont waste your time. enjoy and appreciate what ever you have.



Linda Ali said...

hari ni baru nak tgk sekali lagi obes kat wad, dia dh stay sana since sunday...hope lps ni obes ok... :(

*ayu the sun* said...

sedapnya nampak! sg besi?? dkt dgn office akak tu... exct location? :)

ATS SHOPPE - Macam-macam ada!!!