a beading class session


hello babes.

this is a quick update. let straight to the point. hu hu.

beading such a trend in nowadays fashion. peeps love to wear glams out fit such as in blinking mode (full of beads), trendy and stylish.

i have few pairs of blouses and kebaya with beads attachments. there looks gorgeous and awesome!

last two weeks i went for my 1st time beading class in my home town. my mom offered me and i interested to experience it! it cost me rm 32 only for one day session.

rm 10 - registration fees.
rm 15 - basic tools for beading.
rm 7 - breakfast and lunch.

* extremely cheap and worth for me.

once i beading my baju kurung and unfortunately i didnt finish it yet due to morale down. hu hu hu. i thought it's hard to do. and wonder why this is damn expensive out side.

now, i am proudly that i've learn tips and tricks on beading. so i'll definitely start my engine and beading all my baju-baju. those from cheap-cheap items will turn to look expensive and blink-blink! ha ha.

last week, i spend lot on buying colorful beads for my 1st project ever. so stay tune..

since big day is around the corner, i shall manage my time and enjoy my 1st time beading experience (with knowledge)..

i end up my evening entry with super delicious cendol madu the best from my home town! slurp.. thank you very much to kak siti sarah for a treat. omg, i hope kak mimi read this. i lost both of your numbers. do sms me sis. sorry!

p/s: counting days.



lily lotus said...

wahh, bleh save budget pasnih

jujahxo. said...

i lbeh sukaaaa kalO dpt makan cendOl pulut+durian. ahh ahhhh sedapnyaaaa !!!