window shopping was fun!


hello babes!

how's your weekend? mine, awesome! was great after all, as usual. well, i am living my life happily with my family, sweetheart and best buddies. thank god.

so, last friday i went to the mines for crocs warehouse sale 2009 * cough-cough. friday is public holiday in selangor.

then on saturday terompahsurau and i went to the gardens and midvalley for window shopping and girls day out dating ^___^

here are some random pictures on chirstmas overview in the gardens:

in fact, i love the gardens so far.. not as crowd as other malls and such a great place for dating meeting buddies..

hey, btw instead of the gardens i found another place which recommended by terompahsurau! i am not sure what is the name but the assam laksa was superb~ it was inside the jusco, midvalley ^__^

then, after meeting and dating at that assam laksa .. we went for dessert time. stau tune.

p/s: today is my busy day. sorry for less updates T.T" dear my kakak-kakak bloggers who i date last week, pictures will email to you babes by tonight. insya Allah..



*ayu the sun* said...

take care syahira! noted on the pics.. :)

lily lotus said...

sakan yer ;)...memang seronok shopping kat tempat yang tak sesakkan

daela said...

hehehehehehe....sodap betul ker eskrem tu?