sweet like candy


hello babes.

omg, heaven ok! there's been ages i didnt have ice cream -__-" hurm.. well, last time i have ice cream with sugarpie at haagen dasz almost couple of months ago.

eh, but then i thought last month i have ice cream too with sweetheart's younger sister at jj. huhu.. ok, fine T.T"

actually, having ice cream will much much more heaven when it's free. wink..wink. so last saturday, i met my buddies and seriously we really have fun ^__^ !!

lot of gossips stories we shared ..


yeah.. we're having ice cream at baskin robbins.

insya Allah by next time will meeting them again and i hope this friendship will last forever, amin.

p/s: i love the blue ice cream which taste like chewing gum. huhu..



adenium said...

tgk lah sapa yang pilih...hahahahah

*ayu the sun* said...

the blue alien ice cream.. yummyy!!!!!!!


Sharinginfoz said...

baru lepas makan ice-cream.. yummy

cik syahira said...

thanks babes for the treats.
seriously, after this i'll definitely buy the blue alien ice cream..
again, even it's like chewing gum but i live it so much!

Lyn Yusoff said...

yummmy... yummmyyy
nak ajak pun kan.. huhuhu