year end sale (2)


good morning babes.

here are random pictures on crazy greater sales by crocs at the mines, seri kembangan which up to 70%:

omg -__-" the hectic friday begin with:

we (terompahsurau, her buddy and i) arrived at the mines, seri kembangan around 11 am. almost 1/2 an hour later got a parking space at level 1 just near the lift! is a luck after making so many rounds at each levels ^__^"

then straight away go to level 5 and surprised! we found that there are so many people line up to enter the crocs warehouse sale 2009 o__O yes, ladies and gentlemen after almost one hour finally we manage to enter the splash area.

tips and trick that i love to share:

(1) breakfast! believe me. luckily i have milo tin and 2 sandwiches ^__^
(2) come early please.. because to ensure you get parking space and no need to line up until lower floor T.T"
(3) wear simple/ suitable attire in crowd place. the temperature is hot!
(4) if necessary no need to bring your baby with stroller. pity them..
(5) bring cash $$ or credit card.
(6) bear in mind for ladies, most of the size 5&6 are hardly to get after 12pm. generally there are lots of size 4! lucky 4.. huhuhu.
(7) never use escalator! i used lift straight to level 5 and easily got chances to line up..

*cough-cough.. after almost 4 hours struggled in the crocs warehouse sale finally i managed to grab 2 pairs only! not because i am choosy or what so ever, it's because i cant found any size 5 for my brand new crocs sandals -__-" sob..sob.

p/s: btw, i love my cleo fuchsia/orange o__o



syazana said...

Hush...jeles nih...huhuhu
x sempat nak gi r beb wpon dekat sibuk uruskan anak2 k.long..pengalaman jd ibu muda jaga anak 4... :-)

adenium said...

owwwhhhhh...tak sanggup....