travel check list


hello babes..

my travel check list:

(1) luggage
(2) bag pack
(3) sling bag
(4) shopping bag -__-"

why so many bags??!

(5) toiletries.
(6) lappy and broadband
(7) camera and chargers
(8) iron requested by my mom -__-"

omg, few kilos ord! *sigh.

(9)bikinis pink cardigan
(10) 2 favvy blouses
(11) a shirt and pants
(12) a black inner
(13) caftan sleeping suit
(14) scarfs and ehem-ehem items -__-"

hurm.. am i missing anything?? o__O

(15) junk foods a pack of anelene drinks
(16) mineral water
(17) titbit like dried guava, biscuits, sweets requested by my mom, etc etc
(18) first aid kit - teck aun 'chi kit' pills, allergic pills <- very important because i am excited to eat seafood! and yuyi cap limau T.T"

and finally..

(19) 2 pairs of favvy crocs
(20) my mom. * just kidding!

actually, it's a very last minute confirmation with my mom. supposed my lil sister going with my mom but then on the same date she have to go for camping. huhu..

alhamdulillah, a fully sponsored trip to xx *will not telling you now. wink..wink. i take this opportunity to refresh everything and wish when i come back to down south every unnecessary things gonna be heals away, blowing by the wind! amin.

p/s: tonight will be the last night sleeping with my gemuk T.T" i will miss you!