from down south with love


good morning babes.

horayy!! today my celcom broadband brought me live from my home sweet home ^__^ thank you celcom..

today is my busy bee day ever. * house cleaning, laundry, blog walking, bring grandma for medical check up, dating with lil sister and packing stuffs for vacation o__o

vacation?? wink..wink. ok, babes. will trying to separate another entry about them later..

eh hello.. do you have prepare anything to celebrate early muharam tomorrow? so about 24 hours to go.. what are your wish list for new year 1431 H? are wish list for 1430 H have complete??

personally, my wish list is to be a good muslim. as being a good muslim, things that i must fulfill are the 5 rukun islam.. enaough said.

let's pray hard that on 1431 H will bring us better chances to improve and i wish my blogger babes a very all the best for your future undertakings.. allahuakbar!

p/s: laundry, here i come..



lily lotus said...

amboi..nak holiday ke mana tu :D..have fun & take care yer!