live update (7)


today is extremely hot for me.
from weather up to my mood. *sigh

i definitely lost my respect when:

(1) she didnt respect herself. how?? she shouting/ yelling in front of people which for certain cases that you didnt necessary to shout/yell!
(2) she was emo. i worried when each time she talk over you 99.9% of her words might will killing you on the spot. hurm..
(3) she is totally unfair. i am not bother about it unless she's trying to do something which affecting me. huhu..

what ever. what goes around comes around.. in positive ways, i take her words and build my strength towards my long journey to success. anyway, thank you very much and i owe her word forever..

i still respect her when:

(1) i understand her style of guiding people is like that.
(2) definitely she's an experience and well educated person.

stand still respect her even i feels like she slapped my face this morning, my morale tremendously down and spoiled my monday -__-"

p/s: in order to recover myself, i shall take a short nap. sorry, babes.