rengit coffee


good morning babes.

happy wednesday..

hehe.. my morning entry for today is about place for foods and drinks, provided free wi fi and cozy.

introducing you .. *drum rolls..

-rengit coffee-

well, the interior is way look like old town etc. the menu of cause variety and the specialty is rengit coffee, the taste is delicious esp chicken lemon. i am not a coffee drinker so i didnt try the coffee yet. the service is great and finally, the price is ok.. not expensive!

still next time sure we'll come again.

last time my lil sister recommended me with chicken lemon. i love it very much. they didnt served me with chicken fillets but they really used chicken pieces. thumbs up!

p/s: next time should try rengit coffee itself. hihi..



yuna said...

ahaks!! tmpt dating ku dolu2... he's love coffee very much!! old town xde, rengit pon jadik ar..