live update (3)


hello babes.

how do you do?

currently at my home sweet home is cloudy. far up the sky i can hear the sound of thunder.. dumm..dum.. dummmm..

there are few info i would like to update here:

(1) my grandma slipped at her bedroom this morning. her knee, finger and cheek swelled! alhamdulillah, she's doing fine. nothing major injured occurred.

(2) i help my mom doing her office works. pity mom.. end of years always give her stressed! -__-"

(3) good news. i've re-new my maybank card and registered with maybank2u ^__^ !! so, i wont asked sweetheart and housemates to help me transfer $$ anymore. i can shopping online easily!!

(4) i am hungry.. will looking for foods in the kitchen =)

hurm.. that's all for now. damn lazy to stand by entry for tomorrow. but i like to share things with my babes. lately, i found that celcom broadband is quite slow during at night. why?? why??

p/s: how to used networkedblogs? i've registered but my latest entries didnt pull out! help.. help..