parkson extreme sale!



when come to end of year sales are everywhere -__-"

since i spend my semester holiday in hometown i do really enjoy window shopping here. last monday i went to parkson batu pahat and surprised! there have extreme sale. phew..

just two pictures can be share with you because i ..

i busy bee with those pink items. wink..wink.

p/s: christmas will coming soon. i hope if you babes dont mind i'll share something about it soon.



jujahxo. said...

kt bp ada parksOn gak eh sheera?? nape i tatau eh? kt area mane tu?

syazana said...

la kamu x tau ke ada parkson...?dekat dalam Square one..sbelah Carrefour tuh....Batu pahat dah maju..hehehe2.Asal balik kg je mesti ada mcm2 yg baru..yang paling best big apple.