job opportunities


hello babes.


no.. no.. this blog didnt advertised any job opportunities. neither government nor private sectors. sorry, babes.

this blog or to be exact, the author of this blog is seeking for any job opportunities out there.

the author just finish her final year on Msc programmed in uitm shah alam by coarse work but did not finish her thesis yet -__-" which i the author just complete all 10 subjects out of 11 and almost 40% done her writing up thesis.

speaking about her thesis, this can be done at home and will not disturb her future working hours ^___^

therefore, to build her career specifically in construction field she was super busy bee seeking for chances to share and learn new things in any companies.


instead of any companies or local authorities who related in construction field, i would love to try my luck to join with any colleges or universities to become a lecturer or tutor in order to share my experiences and knowledge.

sharing info is awesome! i heart this so much..

p/s: pray for me k. wish my dreams come true, amin.



lily lotus said...

amin ;)

all the best to u dear...